Advice on hiring a maternity nurse

It is important that you feel comfortable with your maternity nurse as she is going to be supporting you at an emotional time. You will instinctively recognise the "ideal" candidate to join your family. Here are our suggested questions to ask if you are looking to hire a maternity nurse: 

  • Will the maternity nurse be happy to take direction from you or will you want her to take charge?
  • What kind of routine does the maternity nurse believe in and do you agree with her ideas?
  • If breastfeeding is your goal, can the maternity nurse encourage and support you with this?
  • If you are breastfeeding, is the maternity nurse happy to wind and change the baby after the evening feeds?
  • If you are planning to bottle feed, would the maternity nurse be responsible for cleaning and making up the bottles?
  • How much experience has the maternity nurse had with premature babies or multiple births?
  • If you have other children, is the maternity nurse happy to help with them?
  • In the evenings, would the maternity nurse mind if you did not want her to eat with you or not be around in the evenings?
  • Will the maternity nurse take baby out for walks in the day?
  • How much time would the maternity nurse require to have free in the day and when would she take this?
  • If the maternity nurse is going to travel with you, discuss any duties that may change during this time.
  • Where will the maternity nurse go on her day off?
  • Is the maternity nurse able to be flexible in regards to extending her booking if necessary?
  • Would the maternity nurse wear a uniform?
  • Does the maternity nurse require a deposit to confirm the booking and also, does the maternity nurse have a contract to cover both herself and you, the client?


We would like to highlight the fact that maternity nurses get booked up in advance and may attend different interviews at the same time. It is therefore advisable not to prolong the interview process in order to secure the maternity nurse who could be the most suitable for your family.