Nannies Incorporated is a trusted and leading British governess agency providing bilingual governesses to private households in London, Paris, Dubai and internationally.

A governess is an educationally qualified professional employed by families to educate the children in their private household.

Governesses focus on the educational needs of mainly school aged children; they teach and tutor languages and/or other subjects, provide assistance with school work and exam preparation, focus on the children’s social development, teach manners and etiquette or occasionally music instruments, they research schools and help with school applications. Generally governesses are not responsible for the general care giving tasks but are primarily focused on education.

Employing a governess in a private home gives parents the advantage of getting a tailored tuition plan for their children. Additionally they will enjoy of personal security as well as the flexibility to travel with school aged children or live in multiple locations.

Our international governesses are formally qualified and hold a diploma in childcare, a recognised teaching qualification such as a PGCE with QTS, a bachelor’s degree and/or have considerable experience as child carers in the home setting, teachers or tutors.

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Additional Information

  • Governesses specialise in the teaching and educating of children in a private household. 
  • Governesses are able to help the spoken and written learning of the English language. They may be able to teach a second language e.g. French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin etc.
  • Working hours vary based on individual requirements and typically are Monday to Friday for 10 - 12 hours a day.
  • Duties do not include nursery duties; the sole focus of a governess is on the children's learning and development and a governess may work alongside a nanny who would take care of these duties.
  • Governesses in positions overseas need to be provided with accommodation (own bedroom & bathroom or typically a separate apartment) and also with at least one return flight back to their home country annually.
  • Annual holiday allowance is a minimum of 4/5 weeks.