Why a rota nanny might be best for you 

A rota nanny provides 24/7 care and works on an alternate number of weeks with at least one other nanny. For example, nanny A will work for 2 weeks and nanny B will work the next 2 weeks and so on. This arrangement can be highly advantageous to both the family and the nanny.

VIP and HNW families with very busy lifestyles, and who often travel a lot, tell us that rota nannies become invaluable members of their household. Many of our VIP and returning clients prefer to hire rota nannies to provide continuous care for their children. A rota nanny is able to provide 24hour care, essential when a child is ill, or there are some other unforeseen family circumstances to ensure the children are always well looked after.


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Why Nannies Incorporated?

Quite simply we care. 

We have been providing caring, experienced and dependable nannies for our clients for over 30 years. The majority of our clients come via word of mouth or are returning clients. We strive to provide both our nannies and clients with the highest level of service. 

Nannies Incorporated can help you find exactly the right full-time rota nanny to look after your children in your own home. As a leading nanny agency with over 30 years of expertise we will find you a caring, experienced and dependable nanny to suit you and your family.

If you want to learn more, please click here to read our blog on rota nannies.

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