Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany. With a steadily growing population of approximately 3.7 million people, Berlin is an up and coming city with a need for English speaking nannies.

The school system in Germany is excellent, children are taught English from the age of 7 on a bi or tri weekly basis and the majority of German adults speak fluent English. However with English being the universal language of business many parents are considering the benefits of their children growing up learning English from a younger age and speaking it more often.

In comes the English speaking nanny!


It has been widely proven that children can adopt a new language more easily if they are regularly exposed to it at a young age. Learning through play is one of the fastest ways for youngsters to get to grips with a new language.

Many parents in Berlin are now searching for childcarers who can give their children a head start in learning the English language.

There is a clear market in Berlin for native English speaking childcare professionals like you.


 Who would I be working for in Berlin?

The majority of our clients, looking for nannies or nanny-housekeepers in Berlin, are busy professionals. Berlin is the second most populous city in the European Union, behind London.

A large number of high profile families live in Berlin.


In general both parents hold down full time jobs in Berlin, as such a nanny is a helping hand who can provide care for their children around their individual children’s education schedule.

School life for German children living in Berlin:

Children in Germany can attend a nursery or “kita” from any age.

They can then attend a kindergarten from the age of 3 to 6 years old.

After which they are required to attend “grundschule” or ground school.

Public schools in Germany traditionally offer schooling between 7.30/8.15am until 12/1.30pm up until students are in secondary school.


This leaves a good portion of the day free.

Many parents enrol their children in an after school club but those wanting their children to attend a ballet class or music class in another part of the city, or spend some time in Charlottenburg’s fabulous playgrounds, will consider the pros of employing a nanny who will be able to accompany their children around the city whilst simultaneously improving their English language skills.

Alongside working during the week, some parents may ask their full time nanny to work weekend hours and accompany them on holidays for around 4 weeks per year for additional pay.

Skiing for a week or so a year in Austria or the Alps is usual. A nanny with ski experience would be a plus for families from Berlin.

During the summer holidays a full time nanny working for a family from Berlin may get to travel to some exciting locations such as; the South of France, Greece, USA or even Asia.

The benefits of being a nanny in Berlin:

Along with the opportunity to travel with work a nanny working in Berlin can expect the following:


A higher weekly and annual salary than you can expect at home in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

You could expect a salary of 670EUROS net per week and an annual salary of 46,000Euros gross per annum.


  • Often a separate bedroom and bathroom within the family home or even a separate nanny apartment either paid for or supplemented by the family.
  • The chance to learn to speak German.
  • The opportunity to experience a new culture.
  • 4 weeks paid holiday per year.
  • The chance to travel with a friendly family and do the job you love abroad!
  • Access to a German pension on retirement (once you have worked for 60 months in Germany).
  • Health care included whilst you are employed.

Top Tip for Nannying in Berlin from a former Berlin Nanny:

“Berlin is great for kids! Museums, historic landmarks and well-constructed playgrounds can be found in every district. One sure fire way to make friends with other English speaking nannies and caregivers is to go to an English nursery rhyme class like Little Music Makers, classes are held all over Berlin including Mitte, Charlottenberg and Prenzlauer Berg.”

 – Melissa Richardson, former Berlin nanny turned Nannies Incorporated Recruitment Consultant

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