What kind of pastry will you eat in January in France? La Galette des Rois!

Wednesday, 13.01.2016 at 03:48PM

What kind of pastry will you eat in January in France? La Galette des Rois!

Every January in France there is a tradition to serve a frangipane filled tart known as the ‘Galette des rois’. If you are lucky enough, you will find the little porcelain present inside, which means you will be the King or the Queen of the day and will own the crown, which comes with every Galette.

For children, the fève is what counts. Fève means "bean", and the story goes that a real bean would be baked into a cake, like the coin in a Christmas pudding. Some bakeries still use a real bean, but these days the fève is more often a little porcelain figurine. If a grownup wins the prize, it's down to them to buy the next Galette!

The festival takes place around Ephiphany and dates back to the 14th century. You can enjoy and taste throughout the month of January and they can be bought in patisseries and supermarkets. The tradition is  that the cake would draw in the Kings.

Every year, famous pastry chefs will challenge one another to bake the best Galette, whether you rather like classic Galette, or stuffed with fruits or chocolate. All lovers of frangipane will meet up in the month of January to try the new variations.

If you’re in Paris, you will find the best ‘Galette des rois’ at the following :

Galette des Rois 2016 by Maison Du Chocolat: For the Epiphany 2016, Nicolas Cloiseau, Head of La Maison du Chocolat, offers a delicious serving of a Galette with pure original black chocolate from Peru.

Galette des Rois 2016 by Burgundy Hotel Paris: For the Epiphany 2016, the pastry chef of Burgundy proposes a whole cake thanks to its lightweight cream with avocado base, we loved it!


Why not learn to make your own Galette des Rois and become true pastry chefs?

 Cook&Go, Les Ateliers de cuisine in Paris, are holding workshops for parents and children, where you learn to cook a delicious Galette des Rois!

 It is a delicious cake made from leavened dough, flavoured with orange blossom and topped with candied fruit. These classes are suitable for children over 6 years old.