In two minds about hiring a housekeeper? You needn’t be

Friday, 16.03.2018 at 06:15PM

There’s no two ways about it, running a family home alongside a hectic job can be extremely challenging. Couple that with a busy social life and it’s easy to see why households are often neglected, but that doesn’t need to be the case. By hiring a housekeeper, you can maintain the structure and cleanliness of your household, saving you time to focus on what’s important.

A 2010 survey called ‘Housework is an Academic Issue’ found that housework consumes 19.3 hours per week, on average. Put simply, it’s a considerable drain on our most precious commodity in the world: time.

There is great pleasure in hiring a housekeeper to take care of your home. A professional housekeeper can take care of a broad spectrum of housekeeping duties and relieve many of the stresses and strains of everyday life.

In today’s world, it’s not always possible to do it all – go to work, raise your family and run the house. By hiring a domestic housekeeper, you can regain control of your priorities in life – something you can’t put a price on!

A beautifully presented home that’s perfect for entertaining

By hiring a housekeeper to take care of the cleaning, tidying and general organisation of the family home, you can be sure of returning home to a property that looks and feels inviting. If you’re a couple or family that enjoys entertaining, you can plan parties and social gatherings safe in the knowledge that your household will be perfectly presentable thanks to your housekeeper.

A safe and hygienic environment for your children

For clients with young families, a professional housekeeper can maintain a safe, germ-free environment for your little ones to grow up in. The experienced domestic housekeepers and nanny-housekeepers that we recruit have many years of experience and know how to spot and eradicate problem areas in the home.

An organised household is a happier household

A neat, de-cluttered home is the perfect retreat after a busy working day or an exclusive evening out. A domestic housekeeper can keep on top of your household to lower your stress levels and give you more time to enjoy your surroundings during your leisure time.

Make physical, labour-intensive chores a thing of the past

The family home you’ve worked so hard for can be extremely hard to maintain. Physically demanding chores such as vacuuming, deep-cleaning bathrooms and kitchen appliances and windows can be taken care of periodically by your housekeeper.

At Nannies Incorporated, so many of our professional housekeepers are not just seen as employees, they become close family friends of our clients.

If you’re interested in hiring one of our full-time domestic housekeepers, with a minimum of three years’ experience working in private homes, register online with us today and we’ll pinpoint the perfect candidate for your busy household.