Reasons why you should relocate to Dubai for a nanny job

Monday, 15.10.2018 at 10:59AM

Are you a nanny or governess (with an EU passport) who is curious about working as an international nanny Dubai? 


Nannies Incorporated is often approached by Irish and British nannies or governesses (or other EU passport holders) interested in taking their career to the next level. We are often asked “What it is like to work in the Middle East?” or ‘How much does a nanny earn in the UAE?’ and ‘What are the duties of a British nanny in the UAE?’, ‘What is it like to work within a team of household staff?”


With nannying in the UAE - and specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi, becoming increasingly popular, we thought it might be helpful to include a blog post on the support our agency provides nannies like you.

Our blog will help steer you in the right direction and give you pointers on working in the UAE.


Reasons to nanny in the UAE:



Attractive remuneration packages. Tax free. All-expenses-paid.

Our positions in the Middle East will provide you with better career opportunities – particularly the potential for more hours, greater job security and better pay. You can expect to earn around £40,000 - £52,000 tax free per year +/- (experience dependent). Salaries tend to be tax-free and you can also get benefits such as visa, insurance and housing and 4-5 weeks annual leave.



Your visa is taken care of by the employing family.

For nanny placements in Dubai or Abu Dhabi through Nannies Incorporated, our welcoming families are responsible for arranging all visa formalities for their nannies as the employing family will become the nanny’s sponsor for work permit purposes.




Accommodation is provided.

The growing demand for property in Dubai makes searching on your own quite difficult. Did you know that the placements offered in the UAE are typically ‘live-in’ (i.e. the family will provide you with a bedroom & bathroom in their home or occasionally, a separate studio apartment).


Health care

Health care is provided.

With a ‘health card’ you can receive free treatment at any of the hospitals in the public health system in Dubai. Hospitals care and treatments are of very high quality in Dubai. To obtain a public ‘health card’ in Dubai you will need to go to a health care office and present them with your official documents, including your passport, certificate of employment, 2 passport photos and a signed application form.


Established for 30 years

Nannies Incorporated has been placing experienced nannies and governesses, like yourself, in the UAE for the past 30 years. Rest assured that all our clients come via friends of friends who have used our services or are repeat clients. This means that we have a network of nannies already based out in the UAE.

We spoke to an international nanny whom we have recently placed in the UAE to find out what their tips are for those considering making the move.


Try and speak to others who have already worked there.


Think about the cultural differences and in particular remember to dress respectfully.


Summer can be very hot although many families travel extensively during these months.


Think about how you would deal with any homesickness, but remember there are quite a few native English speaking nannies already out there and keen to socialise in your free time / on your day off.


Always go through a top agency like Nannies Incorporated who will be able to help throughout your placement.


Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

You can see for yourself:

We are proud to have taken part in a documentary called ‘Nanny Culture’. You can check it out to see what goes on behind closed doors – at both our nanny agency, Nannies Incorporated, and at a genuine Emirati household, as ‘Nanny Culture’ offers a rare insight into their family life.

Looking for a nanny job in the Middle East?

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