Nanny Culture

Nanny Culture – “The interesting yet funny new film set in the welcoming, sunny UAE”

Two experienced nannies in London went to go check out the film Nanny Culture and here is what they thought of it:

What did you think? We thoroughly enjoyed it and have recommended it to many families who have had nannies, as well as nannies, maternity nurses and governesses. 

Plot? Nanny Culture begins in London where an experienced Nanny, Julie is seen discussing exciting job opportunities in the UAE with Jana, Head of Overseas Recruitment at Nannies Inc. on Regent Street, Central London.  

Julie is keen to move to the UAE as her husband is working there and they would like to raise their family there. The camera crew follow Julie on her adventure to beautiful Abu Dhabi and cinema goers’ watch, and laugh, as she adjusts to UAE life as a nanny to an Emirati family with 6 children. 

Favourite parts? The desert scene is rather funny and 'typical UAE' - a friend of mine also nannied in the UAE and has similar tales of temporarily getting stuck in the desert.

I liked the scene with the Father and a neighbour - discussing cultural differences between British and Emirati culture.

Watching Julie with the children and noticing how they cleverly included a scene with a discussion between a member of kitchen staff and the English native speaking Nanny, Julie - highlighting that sometimes in a fully staffed house you have to 'let some things go' & put it down to cultural misunderstandings and differences. 

Funniest parts? We and the rest of the audience laughed quite a lot to be fair! The film features lots of funny moments. The Emirati father is in a scene discussing with one of his children if he 'understood ' a question, which is filmed in a humorous way. Whilst Emirati people are often very private, they usually have a great sense of humour and are good fun.

The discussion and interviews at the agency office are also quite funny with the agency owner explaining that this is a one off and that in her 27 years owning and running the agency, a mockumentary film like this has never happened before. 

Overall rating? 9/10 

Other comments? The film is great for nannies and maternity nurses considering working in the UAE and families considering a native English nanny. It was very enjoyable and demonstrated nanny life overseas whilst covering some important points. 

Tips for nannies, maternity nurses and governesses considering the UAE? Other than watching this film - which you really should - Try and speak to others who have already worked there. Think about the cultural differences and in particular remember to dress respectfully. Summer can be very hot although many families travel extensively during these months. Think about how you would deal with any homesickness, but remember , as shown in Nanny Culture - there are quite a few native English speaking nannies already out there and keen to socialise in your free time / on your day off. 

If you are open to embracing a new country and culture, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are great places to work. You'll feel safe, find locals welcoming and have so much fun exploring. 

Well there it is! An honest review from two real nannies! We hope you enjoyed it. For your last chance to see the film in London, it is being screened tomorrow at Regent Street Cinema. With our office being on Regent Street also, we are happy to meet anyone going to see the film for a coffee before the film starts.

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