Life as a New Mum in Dubai | Childcare Facilities in Dubai

Monday, 29.06.2015 at 03:41PM

I had an interesting conversation last week during my last morning walk with Lily. As the days of tolerable weather wind down, we have been doing our stroll much earlier than before. Still, after 30 minutes, we go to Starbucks—it is like finding water in the desert—for our favourite dry Cappuccino and some cold water. I had noticed a woman with her baby boy for the past few days, and finally I took the initiative and asked her about how she was coping with her boy.

Hannah has given me a much-needed first hand look into the life of a new mom in Dubai, other than myself. We talked about the sleepless nights and feeding habits, routine-setting and daily life changes, and we both confessed to each other how we missed doing the things that we used before the little ones came into this world.

Nanny or Nursery?

Naturally, nurseries came up, and as it turns out, we both have passed by a few in the neighborhood. Hannah thought that some were really comfortable-looking, equipped with friendly staff and oodles of space for kids to play. But she also felt that there was something missing: a deficiency in education, proper education, in dealing with babies and toddlers. No matter how friendly and well-equipped a nursery nurse can be, that does not make up for a lack in the necessary experience of their childcare staff. Hannah echoed what many mothers here are concerned about. While it is vital that new moms can get back to work and back to doing what they used to enjoy before having a baby, it is even more important to ensure that babies get a chance to reap all the advantages possible from professional childcare.

Personally, I would feel more comfortable leaving Lily in the care of a qualified nanny. I’d be even happier if that person was living with us. I want Lily to be taken care of properly, but I also want her to get the sense of continuity that only comes with someone who is a member of the household I feel.

While cost is definitely a matter to consider, value for money should be equally looked at. Top-notch day care centres are not cheap here in Dubai - and I am sure some are really good. But for some of the prices that I come across (some of which are borderline astronomical), I’d think about employing a more qualified person who would become part of the family, as well as ensure that Lily gets the best in early education.

The better things in life are almost always the ones that are more personal.

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