How a professional nanny can be essential during a relocation

Friday, 10.08.2018 at 03:17PM

A stable and happy home is essential for your child’s development as it  is one of the building blocks that can help them to grow into a confident and self-reliant adult. We know that moving house and any kind of relocation - especially overseas - can be a time of stress for the whole family and destabilizing for children in particular; but it needn’t be. 

A nanny can provide incredible help in a variety of ways during a relocation, through all phases: before, during and after the move. In our thirty year experience,  we’ve found their presence and support has been key for our clients, across these areas in particular:

School selection

Picking the perfect school in a new area or country is a time-consuming task but one that, none the less, demands a significant amount of attention and energy. 

A nanny can help greatly in this task as she will not only have an in-depth knowledge of the previous school and its features, and the child (or children’s) abilities and preferences, but also will have more available time and energy to conduct thorough research and put together a selection of the best options in the area for the parents to review, investigate further and pick from. This can make for an efficient and speedy decision making process and an easier transition from school to school for the children.


Keeping a consistent routine 

A steady and predictable  daily routine helps children of all ages feel secure. 

This routine is likely to be at risk during a relocation as parents are busy juggling a high number of tasks at once, from booking movers to filing paperwork, to ensure the move as a whole goes smoothly. 

A nanny can provide that consistency, as one who is wholly focused on the children’s wellbeing and daily life, and who can take charge in ensuring that the disruption to their schedule is kept to a minimum.


Helping adapt to time zone changes

As we mentioned, a daily routine and steady schedule is essential to a child’s happy development. In an international relocation, another aspect that is likely to disrupt the daily schedule is a change in time zone; this can easily upset a child’s body clock and sleeping patterns, and as we all know, a tired child is not normally a happy child!

A nanny can help plan ahead, revise routines where necessary in the run up to the move, and help to smooth the transition across time zones when you arrive in your new home country.


Providing a stable presence

Before, during and after a relocation, a disruption in children’s normal routine and surroundings is to be expected, and is unavoidable. 

A nanny can really help their sense of unease and discomfort by being both a steady and stable presence throughout this move. This will ensure that, from both a psychological and practical point of view, they are protected, supported and nurtured during this potentially stressful time. 

A familiar face in a new environment with new sounds, smells and situations can be a port in a storm, and provide a sense of comforting normality (arguably for both children and parents!)


If you’re planning an international relocation, or even moving house within the United Kingdom, and would like to discuss the services our nannies can offer, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.