Helping you find the right ‘match’ – top tips for families and nannies

Sunday, 03.01.2021 at 10:44AM

Choosing the perfect nanny for your family is a very important, and very personal, decision.

The first step to finding the right match is often an introductory meeting. These can be nerve-wracking but at Nannies Incorporated we’re here to walk you through the process and make sure that both the family and nanny are happy and start to build a strong relationship

To make sure the conversation can be as meaningful as possible, both the family and the nanny should ask questions and discuss what they expect from each other, as well as where respective values lie.

We've been on both sides of the interview process for over 30 years now, and - to help you select the perfect new person for your household - we've compiled a list of our fail-safe tips and questions.

For families:

  • You should provide clear expectations of the nanny’s role and what you will require of them, whether that’s accompanying you on holidays or abiding by certain house rules. 
  • Discuss working hours and any extra hours you may require such as weekends, or babysitting if the nanny will live in.
  • Ask the nanny how she will structure her day. What are her favourite activities to do with children?
  • What does she love most about being a nanny? What does she find challenging?
  • How would she cope in an emergency, such as injury, allergic reaction, choking, etc?
  • Do you expect your nanny to drive? Does she have a clean licence?
  • What are the nanny’s interests and what other weekly commitments does she currently have?
  • What language do you expect your nanny to speak with the children? 
  • What was the nanny’s most recent position and did she enjoy it?
  • Is the nanny trained in infant CPR and first aid?
  • Is the nanny comfortable administering medication, dealing with nappy rash etc?
  • Make sure you introduce your new nanny to your children before she starts and talk to them about her role within the family so they know what to expect.

While it’s important to remain professional, your nanny is about to become part of your family life. Be organised when it comes to contracts and salary, but also take a moment and ask for her opinion and make sure she has everything she needs– she’ll be a better nanny to you for it.   

For nannies:

  • When you meet a new family, don’t forget to say hello to the children and show interest in them. It with put them at ease and help them bond with you.
  • Ask the family if they have employed a nanny before. Did they have a good relationship with her?
  • Does the family have any concerns about employing a nanny?
  • Do the parents work outside the home, and if so how far away?
  • Do the children have any special dietary requirements or medical issues?
  • How would the family like to be notified about any accidents or injuries?
  • Do the parents adhere to a particular parenting method or philosophy? 
  • Ask the family if they’re happy for you to take the children out for activities like museums, the swimming pool or the library?
  • Is there already a routine in place for you to follow, or does the family expect you to create one?
  • What is the salary and how many weeks holiday are you allowed?
  • Does the role involve any language learning or homework? 
  • If the position is live-in, what is the accommodation like?
  • Keep an eye on websites and magazines that list activities to do with children in your area. Your charges will love you and you’ll have fun, too! Feel free to share these.  
  • Once you’ve joined a family, don’t be afraid to reach out to other nannies. It’s important to have a social life outside of work and the nannies you meet could become lifelong friends.

 And don't forget - Nannies Incorporated is only a call away to help families and nannies discuss the interview, and to ease the recruitment process both before and after employment.

If you'd like to discuss a nanny joining your family please do get in touch with our team - we'd love to understand what you're looking for. And, if you're a nanny yourself, do take a look at our current positions available - who knows, one of them might be your next adventure.