The best things to do with children in Abu Dhabi

Tuesday, 04.09.2018 at 12:44PM

Summer might well be nearly over, but there are always plenty of ways to keep the kids happy and entertained in Abu Dhabi! 

From luscious gardens and adventurous paddling through the mangroves to group gaming, petting zoos and Ferrari parks, there are activities to enjoy for children, teenagers and adults alike that will leave everyone wanting more. 


For nature lovers of all ages... Umm Al Emarat Park

Best suited for: All ages and abilities

This beautiful urban park has been the centre of many communities since its inception in 1982. 

It is a vast, stimulating and safe environment divided in a variety of different areas like the Wisdom Garden, the Shade House, a luscious Botanic Garden, an Amphitheatre, the Great Lawn and The Children’s Garden which includes an animal barn and petting zoo where it’s possible to do pony riding and feed the animals. 

The focus of the park is very much on conservation and heritage, which makes it a great opportunity for everyone to learn... whilst having fun, of course!



For the thrill seekers… Ferrari World

Best suited for: From age 3+

If in the rest of the world Ferrari brings to mind fast, impossibly stylish cars, in Abu Dhabi it means that and much, much more. 

This ride park boasts 37 thrilling rides and attractions for all fans of speed, driving – whether a go kart, toy car or a full size one – exciting shows and the latest technology like VR experiences or remote control devices. 

If your little one loves racing his toys around and your not-so-little one dreams of one day being at the wheel of a Testarossa, this is the place for them.



For the future explores… Kayaking in the Eastern Mangroves 

Best suited for: From age 3+

The Eastern Mangroves area is a beautiful forest alongside the coastal shoreline, populated by many species of fish and seabirds that use it as a safe place to raise their young. These 2-hour Kayaking tours take place in a network of easily accessible channels that are safe to navigate for all levels and abilities.

You and your little adventurers will follow an expert guide through the mangroves, discovering the beautiful ecosystem of the area, doing fun physical exercise and learning plenty of fascinating nature facts along the way. Take your paddle and go!



For the gamers… Yas Gaming Festival

Best suited for: All ages and abilities

If your child is immersed in gaming culture and loves to play videogames, this could well be the most important event of his or her summer calendar. 

From August 22nd to September 1st Yas Mall will hold a daily interactive video game festival for children of all ages. 

There are plenty of interactive experiences for your child to take part in that include cosplay (dressing up as your favourite character) multiplayer tournaments, e-sports and virtual reality experiences that encourage participants to game together and put their ability to the test.  

They will be able to show off their skills, discover new games and make friends all at once, game on!