The Best Beach Games To Play This Summer

Wednesday, 24.06.2020 at 12:04PM

Alongside the usual making sand castles, being buried / burying others in the sand, jumping waves and such like… there is so much more fun to be had with your charges or own children at the beach this summer.

Remember that old board game favourite – Twister?  Did you know there is now a portable / travel size that literally fits on a key ring and in the palm of your hand? Perfect for travel nannies or governesses and the ‘twister dots’ come inside the tiny box…and can be displayed across the beach sand.. or in a park / field…


Well known games such as ‘Stuck in the mud’ – can easily be adapted to ‘Stuck in the sand’.

Playground favourites like ‘What's the time Mr Wolf?', can become 'What's the time Mr Crab?’

When the children need a break from running around, having played active running games such as ‘Hey fishy fishy’, if you are caring for school age children, they could take a break by enjoying Uno or other fun card games.

With younger children, ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ can be changed to include the water version (in warm overseas climates, water is poured from plastic cups onto the 'Ducks’ heads, with the most on each child that is ‘Goosed’). I did this with children overseas in a summer camp… children from 4 to 14 years old actually… so much fun.

Three legged races are also a must, and instead of an ‘egg and spoon race’ – as per school sports days, how about using a spare spoon from your beach picnic for a ‘shell and spoon race’?

Traditional games like French boules are also great for the beach. I always fondly remember a ‘French day’ at school, where we all had to get (boules) our coloured balls to hit the white tiny one in the distance! 

What beach games do you enjoy with your charges or children?

Here’s to lots of Summer fun!