Regent Street cinema

As you may have already seen from our social media accounts, Nannies Incorporated was asked by film producers in the UAE to take part in a mockumentary about a Nanny Agency in London placing nannies overseas.

Don’t miss it! The film is currently being screened very close to our office on Regent Street at the beautiful Regent Street Cinema. You can watch it on November 18th, 22nd, 24th and 25th. We hope you enjoy it :) 

Here are some behind the scenes shots:

Nanny Culture

Here is a shot of Jana, Head of Overseas Nanny Recruitment meeting with Julie Mcilvenny, Nanny. Jana and Julie have known each other professionally for over 7 years. Julie was filmed visiting our office on Regent Street, London to talk about her current situation and how she is keen to find a nanny position in the UAE.


Nanny Culture

Here is a shot of Emma, Maternity Nurse Consultant, meeting with Rafat a highly experienced maternity nurse and qualified midwife. Rafat is interested in a maternity nurse position in Al Ain and came in to find out more information.

Julie Nanny

What was meant to be a documentary about Nannies Incorporated quickly changed course, when the cheeky film crew ask if they can film a family in the UAE to get a better insight into what it is like to work as a British nanny in the UAE. We were very fortunate that one family agreed and they later prove to be very engaging and entertaining.

We had lots of fun filming the mockumentary and are proud to have featured in what will be a very informative film for nannies considering working in the Middle East and for families considering hiring the services of a professional nanny.

To book your seat at the Regent Street Cinema: /

Hope to see you there soon & happy watching! :)