The right nanny or maternity nurse for your children not only provides your little ones with the care they deserve in their own home, it gives busy parents complete peace of mind.

Hiring a nanny is a popular childcare option for families where parents work regularly and require professional childcare within the family home. Similarly, maternity nurses can offer a much-needed support network to families coming to terms with the arrival of a baby, twins, triplets or more,

Maternity nurses can also help where parents need to focus some of their time  on the  older siblings after the arrival of a new baby into the household.

This article gives you six pointers to choosing the right childcare professional for your family’s specific needs:

Ensure your nanny shares the same family values

For your new nanny or maternity nurse to make a positive difference to your family life it is important that she understands and supports your family values.

Choose a nanny with creativity and imagination

The best nannies and maternity nurses will be ones who can stimulate and entertain their charges aiding their development in the process. Ensure your chosen candidate has the imagination and creativity to plan and play games and activities that are suitable for your children and their age.

Ask prospective nannies some problem-solving questions/scenarios

If you are leaving your children and entrusting your nanny or maternity nurse with your children's  health and wellbeing, it’s important they can use their initiative and think on their feet fast. Discuss potential scenarios that could arise with your children and determine how your candidates would solve any issues and improve situations.


A good nanny should always be flexible

A nanny or maternity nurse that you can rely on is worth its weight in gold. 

From time to time, you may need your nanny or maternity nurse  to work a little earlier or later depending on your circumstances , and often at short notice. A nanny that is flexible and willing to work around your lifestyle is a huge bonus to any professional family.

Decide whether training and qualifications are essential

Although nannies are not legally obliged to hold any formal childcare qualifications, we believe that a fully-trained nanny should be a top priority. You should look for candidates with CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education), BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council), NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) or NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board) certificates or diplomas.


Consider using an agency to find candidates that match your criteria

A trusted nanny agency with many years of experience in providing nannies and maternity nurses could find the right professional for your family and put your mind at rest. 


At Nannies Incorporated we have 30 years experience  recruiting knowledgeable, qualified and experienced nannies and maternity nurses in London and overseas. 



Our nannies will mostly hold a childcare/nanny diploma from a reputable institution and will have a minimum of three years’ direct nanny experience, often within private homes.