Long-term Maternity Nurse Position based between Zurich and Paris

Job ref: MN/Zurich;Paris

A professional Swiss family, and first-time parents, based between Zurich and Paris are seeking an experienced maternity nurse to care for their newborn baby from September.

Both parents are very high up in their positions, working for internationally renowned companies, and as such travel frequently between their homes in both cities (as well as other destinations worldwide) so it is important that the maternity nurse has experience travelling and can be flexible with regards to location. 

During this month, Mum will be at home in Zurich and would like the maternity nurse to support her in caring for the baby and providing her with guidance in relation to the baby's sleeping and feeding routines.

After this first month, the family will be travelling for the full month of December and will not require the maternity nurse to accompany them. This will allow the maternity nurse to spend Christmas at home with her own family, which is lovely.

The booking will start again around the 28th December, preparing the new mum, the baby and the maternity nurse to get ready for their new life, as mum is returning to work on the 6th January 2020.

Due to the nature of the parents' work schedule, they would like the maternity nurse to stay for the next 8-12 months.

Due to the long-term nature of the booking, from January the maternity nurse will have the opportunity to take 1 week off (unpaid) every 4 months.

Mum is returning to work on 6th January in Paris so from then the maternity nurse will accompany Mum to Paris from Monday to Thursday each week and return home with her to Zurich over the weekend. This will be the usual arrangement, however, there will be times when the maternity nurse will stay at home in Zurich with Das or her own if Dad has to travel (as he works between Zurich and New York).

The family would like the maternity nurse to work 6 days per week providing 24-hour cover and the maternity nurse will be paid as such. However, if possible, the family would like some flexibility on days - for instance, one week working 5 days and then the next working 7 days.

There is a separate bedroom and bathroom for the maternity nurse in each location, (house in Zurich and an apartment in a beautiful part of Paris) that she will share with the baby.

Working hours: 6 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Accommodation: Separate bedroom and bathroom to be shared with the baby on duty.

Salary: £250 per 24 hours worked.


Start date
8-12 months
£250 per 24h worked
Driving licence
Not Essential
Shared care
Sole charge

Accommodation Details

Separate bedroom and bathroom to be shared with the baby on duty.
Family residence

Other Details

Nursery duties only
Expecting a baby
Baby Due Date
Both parents work