Claire is a British maternity nurse with more than 18 years of experience in childcare and NNEB qualification. She began her career as a maternity nurse in 2001, after being a nanny for 5 years, and now specialises in caring for newborns only and on a 24-hour basis. Claire now has a very professional resume as a maternity nurse and a lot of knowledge about caring for newborn babies. She is able to establish a routine related to feeding times and sleep patterns and offer advice on all aspects of newborn baby care. Claire is a very cheerful person, kind, energetic, trustworthy and extremely competent.


Alina is a Polish maternity nurse who has been living and working in the UK for over 12 years. She began her work as a maternity nurse back in 1987. She is extremely competent, neat, a great listener and has a lot of knowledge regarding the care of newborns. Halina can advise you and develop a schedule that will suit both family and baby. She has a very professional yet easy-going approach and speaks fluent English, Polish and Russian. Alina is friendly with all members of the family and a popular maternity nurse.


Magali is a French maternity nurse who has almost 20 years of experience in care of newborns. She is very professional and open in her approach. She is very competent and knows how to establish a fixed schedule of sleep and feeds. Magali is always ready to assist with anything that needs to be done in the household and likes to be integrated within the family. If you choose her, she will bring harmony and joy in your home environment. 


Sarah is a British maternity nurse who is a qualified paediatric nurse. Sarah began working as a maternity nurse in 1988 so her experience is extensive and relates to more specific issues such as babies born prematurely or babies who have difficulty eating or breathing, and everything that relates to food by infusion. She specialises in caring for twins and triplets. Sarah offers advice on baby care and on any other concerns you may have regarding your baby's health. Sarah also holds the Maternity Practitioner's certificate and a number of additional certificates related to newborn baby care. Previous clients recommend Sarah strongly and she has excellent references.