With almost three decades of expertise in childcare recruitment, it is safe to say that the team at Nannies Incorporated know a thing or two about providing the best possible care for children of all ages; including new-born babies.

Our senior team is not only experienced in the placement of nannies, maternity nurses and governesses in family homes, they are mothers too. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide for baby products, recommended by our caring and professional team to help make life with your new-born baby that little bit easier.

Our picks of the less obvious things you'll need for your baby..

Nappy Bucket

There’s nothing worse than putting your baby’s used nappies in the same bin as your regular kitchen swing bin. Purchase a nappy bucket, also known as a nappy pail, to tightly seal in the dirty nappies and prevent unwanted smells from emanating throughout the home!


Moby Wrap

The perfect way to keep your hands free and your baby cosy and secure, a Moby Wrap might not look much but this super-long piece of cotton wraps perfectly around you and your baby to create a highly practical sling.


Back Seat Car Mirror

It can be unnerving for you to drive along in your vehicle without being able to clamp eyes on your little one. A great stress-reliever at the wheel is a Back Seat Car Mirror, which can be angled to allow you full view of their face. As they get older, your baby will also get entertainment out of seeing themselves in the mirror!



Another perfect solution for those moments when you need the use of both your hands, a Mamaroo is an innovative seat for your baby. It sways and bounces in the same way that you do when you hold your baby, putting them at ease when you’re particularly busy.


White Noise Mobile App

White noise is the perfect remedy for babies struggling to drift off to sleep in a new environment. There are mobile apps which cost a matter of pennies that can play comforting white noise throughout the night or during a midday nap.


Baby Food Freezer Tray

If you are planning on preparing home-cooked meals for your baby, Freezer Trays are invaluable, allowing you to cook a large batch of meals and freeze them for use throughout the week – a huge time-saver.


Remote Control Panoramic Video Monitor

Video Monitors have evolved considerably in recent years. Technological advancements now allow you to purchase monitors with panoramic cameras that are remote-controlled, allowing you to see more of your baby’s cot or bedroom from your own bed or sofa.


Digital Ear Thermometer

Some nights your little one will be grizzly in the night and even wailing in pain. A Digital Ear Thermometer can tell you within seconds whether your baby’s temperature is high, saving you trips to hospital and the doctors’ surgery.


Baby brands we love


Combining the very best in French chic and luxury, this French brand offers refined clothing for new-born babies and children alike. Since 1975, Bonpoint has been designing French couture for little ones that look super-smart and are kind to their skin.


Olivier Baby & Kids

For beautiful hand-made clothing with a quintessentially British feel, Olivier Baby & Kids should be one of your go-to baby brands. Founded by a former Cath Kidston employee, their clothes have a charming, nostalgic feel.


Rachel Riley

Using plush, soft fabrics, intricate embroidery and immense attention to detail, it’s easy to see why British clothing brand Rachel Riley is popular with Prince George. This London-based brand offers quality and style perfect for everyday wear and special occasions such as birthdays and christenings.


Amaia Kids

Another London-based boutique, Amaia Kids is a luxury children’s clothing brand inspired by traditional children’s clothing styles. From floral prints to subtle colours, the boutique’s owners, Amaia and Segolene source fabric from across Europe to create sophisticated, durable clothes for babies and children that tick all the right boxes for busy mothers.



From cosy cashmere baby clothes to 100% organic skincare products, Bamford is a brand that keeps your baby looking and feeling great in their earliest stages of development. With tea tree, lavender and chamomile-infused products, Bamford’s commitment to craftsmanship and the wellbeing of your new-born is second-to-none.