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Friday, 19.06.2015 at 11:57AM

With Paris being the world’s capital of gastronomy, you will find that cooking workshops for children are very popular.  There are many places in Paris where your little chefs can practice their cooking skills with courses specially designed for their age group. You’re spoiled for choice!

Since the success of Disney’s “Ratatouille", your child may now be found catching up on the latest episode of "Master Chef" or "Top Chef" on TV and may have developed a taste for culinary creation!?

It is well known that kids love to eat what they prepare themselves - even when it comes to vegetables - true story! The cooking courses are an opportunity for them to move away from traditional pasta, fries, mashed potatoes and return to the basics of cooking with simple and healthy food.

You may simply want to teach them a taste for good food. These classes will usually be taught in French and can help your mini master chefs to discover new ingredients, learn how to eat healthily and of course cooking techniques.

Here's a quick overview of three different cooking workshops for children to do as a duet with their nanny or parent!

Les Coulisses du Chef, Paris 3

Olivier Berté explains to us what he thinks about cooking as a child:

"I remember spending time with my grandmother, watching her prepare meals whilst discussing her special knacks at cooking and secret recipes that she later passed onto me.

I enjoyed the simple things that she let me do, which gave me pride in my cooking skills. All these memories are forever etched in my memory. They show that the kitchen is a link between people, between generations, between family and friends. It can be simple or sophisticated, but it will be unforgettable if it is prepared with passion and desire, prepared for the enjoyment of others.” 

Oliver Berte’s classes give the children the opportunity to learn or improve their cooking and pastry skills. They are composed of 8 to 10 children. How nice it is for apprentice cooks to share their new knowledge back home and impress their parents or friends.

The chef also organises unforgettable birthday parties for children over 7 years. The children will be able to prepare, set a festive table and eat their creations together. They choose their own menu and adapt it according to their wishes!

Cook&Go, Paris 14

Discover the workshop for parents and children: cook a three course menu and takeaway for the desired number of guests.

Cook&Go workshops are designed for all levels of cooking skills. They offer a simple approach to cooking with an emphasis on learning and sharing. Bring your kids along for special parent/child workshops designed to introduce youngsters to freshly-prepared food and to get them cooking themselves.  With the help of a chef, you’ll cook an appetizing menu for the whole family!

Guest Cooking, Paris 13

Guest Cooking offers a family workshop to bring generations together. The cooking classes are aimed for children accompanied by an adult. Your children aged 5- 10 years old will enjoy fun and educational cooking classes. Wednesday is the opportunity to spend some quality time with a grandparent or nanny and cook delicious recipes using some healthy and nutritous food.


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