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Relocating to Dubai for a nanny job? Here are some facts to give you a hand.

With nannying in the UAE - and specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi, becoming increasingly popular, I thought it might be helpful to include a blog posts on the ins and outs of moving to another country in terms of getting ready and set up both before departure and after landing in the UAE.

I will write some helpful tips (hopefully) regarding visas, health care, accommodation, tax and various other things that can make the exciting endeavour of moving overseas nothing short of stressful!

I will be getting this information mainly from an expat blog website I came across - a great place to have a look at if you are moving overseas as there are lots of helpful information as well as thousands of personal blogs about living/working/holidaying all around the world!


For nanny placements in Dubai or Abu Dhabi through Nannies Incorporated, the families arrange all visa formalities for their nannies as the employing family will become the nanny’s sponsor for work permit purposes.

It may however, be very useful for you to have some information on the process involved.

  • In order to live or work in Dubai you must hold a working visa. In order to commence your visa application process you also must have a current, valid job offer.
  • The working visa allows multiple entries, therefore you can leave and re-enter for work or vacation as you please with no extra formalities.
  • Your employer in Dubai/UAE is your sponsor and will need to begin this procedure with the immigration department.
  • Upon validation you will receive your labour card. You need this labour card to apply for a residence visa, which lasts for 3 years and is renewable. For foreigners residing in Dubai, this visa is mandatory.


Whilst most of our placements in Dubai are typically ‘live-in’ (i.e. the family will provide you with a bedroom & bathroom in their home or occasionally, a separate studio apartment), if for any need you need to find some accommodation to rent it is best to approach an experienced real estate agency. The growing demand for property in Dubai makes searching on your own quite difficult. 

Health care

To obtain a public ‘health card’ in Dubai you will need to go to a health care office and present them with your official documents, including your passport, certificate of employment, 2 passport photos and a signed application form. After you receive your ‘health card’ you can receive free treatment at any of the hospitals in the public health system in Dubai. Hospitals, care and treatments are of very high quality in Dubai.

Bank accounts

Opening a bank account in Dubai is a fairly straightforward process. You will need to bring the following documents to the bank:

  • Passport
  • Copy of your rental agreement
  • Residence visa
  • 2 photographs
  • A letter from your employer detailing the amount of money to be transferred to your account on a monthly basis.

Upon presentation of these documents, you will receive either a debit or credit card. International credit cards are widely accepted in Dubai, however cheques are rarely accepted.

If you are planning on moving to Dubai in the near future I hope that this can be of some use to you.

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