Our pick of Berlin's family friendly cafes

Tuesday, 30.04.2019 at 03:33PM

It’s not always easy to find somewhere to stop, sit and re-caffeinate when you’re out with the little ones - especially if you’re visiting somewhere new. We’ve written guides for Paris andLondon, so wanted to do the same for another of our favourite European cities - Berlin. We hope this comes in helpful if you ever find yourself in the city with a need for kaffee und kuchen!

Kindercafe Milchbart | Paul-Robeson-Straße 6, 10439 Berlin, Germany


The play facilities at Cafe Milchbart are so amazing that it could almost be described as a playground with a cafe attached! The cafe is home to a climbing area, a garden, a sandpit and even a play kitchen where children can play at running their own cafe. Oh, and the coffee isn’t half bad either. The perfect spot for the children to run around whilst you recharge.

Cafe Kreuzzwerg | Hornstraße 23, 10963 Berlin


Cafe Krezzwerrg was created by the owners after they started their own family. They wanted to create a space where the little ones could play whilst the grown-ups relaxed in a place so comfortable it felt like their own living room. This is a really lovely cafe with a true family feel - the perfect balance of fun for the children and relaxing for adults.

Cafe Kruemelkeks | Avenue of Cosmonauts 151F, 12685 Berlin


The owners of Cafe Kreumelkeks describe it as a “cozy parent-child cafe in Berlin Marzahn”. The cafe has a large games room full of games to entertain, and a play area where adults can keep an eye on the little ones while they have a well-deserved break. And, If it’s a special occasion, they also serve fresh fruit ice cream sundaes and waffles!

Cafe Shonhausen | Florastr. 27, 13187 Berlin


This is a lovely cafe that prides itself on its food offerings, so an excellent option if you’re hankering for a little more than just a cup of tea! All cakes and biscuits are freshly baked, and there is a full menu of quiches, soups and sandwiches served throughout the day. There is a large area for playing and arts and crafts, and the cafe even hosts BBQs and birthday parties! A real treasure in the city.

Cafe CoCosh | Muthesiusstraße 8, 12163 Berlin

https://cafe-cocosh.de/kontakt/ Cafe CoCosh “offers coffee specialities, homemade cakes, desserts, hearty snacks and an ideal meeting place with many games for the whole family”. This cafe pays attention to offering healthy food choices that all age ranges can enjoy whilst using regional fair trade produce. It is beautifully decorated with families in mind, and even has an indoor slide for tots! If there’s a special occasion you’re planning for, the cafe can be hired out and decorated just for you.

Cafe Emma and Paul | Gleditschstraße 47, 10781 Berlin


This cafe is excellent for those of you caring for babies and toddlers, as much of their playroom - which features a ball-pit - is geared towards younger years. If you also have younger children, the cafe offers courses such as arts & crafts and theatre courses. It can get a little busy on the weekend, so try to book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Amitola | Krossener Str. 35, 10245 Berlin

https://www.theurbankids.com/en/berlin-indoor-amitola/ Amitola is a firm favourite for those in care of young children in Berlin. Each and every corner of this place has been designed with youngsters in mind. It features a play area, changing facilities and even a parking lot for strollers! The best part about Amitola is the variety of courses and workshops it offers for children, such as playgroups, theatre performances, and ceramic painting. A wonderful day out for the little ones.