May Half Term: London With Children

Saturday, 17.05.2014 at 02:12PM

top 5 things to do in London with kids

Switch off the TV, take away the tablet and lock up the video games, it's time to take the kids out into London town!

Here is a list of suggested activities for the May half term break with ideas from our team of nannies.

Top 5 things to do in London with kids

Day One
Hamleys Toy Store is a stone's throw away from our office, so naturally this was the first trip out we agreed on. Everyday is a magical day in Hamleys. Hamleys is London's most famous toy store and has become an international tourist attraction. The toy selection at Hamleys is vast, taking up 7 floors, and its magical atmosphere and displays will enchant children, as well as their nannies, parents and grandparents.

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Day Two
The Pottery Cafe (Richmond, Battersea and Fulham) is a super friendly family concept where you can take the kids, paint some pottery and enjoy a fab coffee. Exclusively sourcing their Pottery from Emma

Day Three
Fancy taking the kids to see the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace for free, all at the same time? During the May half-term week at The View from The Shard each paying adult can bring two children for free to see the whole the capital from its highest point. Children will be inspired by the stunning views of London, spotting landmarks in a game of 'I Spy'. Check online to confirm

Day Four
In the Night Garden Live: The O2, May 29-Jun 14. This Bafta award-winning CBeebies show takes to the road for the fifth year running. The tale of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends is voted five stars out of five by 90 per cent of the audience according to the show's polls and is suitable even for children who are just a few months old. Search tickets here

Day Five
Those little crazy bundles of energy need to stretch their legs, and their developing brains need constant stimulation. Luckily, in London that will facilitate both these things is Coram's Fields. It is a unique seven acre playground and park for children and young people living in or visiting London. For more information