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Wednesday, 10.10.2018 at 11:45AM

Want to become an International Nanny?

Are you considering taking your career to the next level by working abroad and making a difference to a family’s life by becoming their professional nanny?  Working as an international nanny can be a very exciting experience and can open up your career to a whole new world of opportunities. It’s an experience that not everyone can take advantage of, and if it’s right for you, you can make it happen with the help of Nannies Incorporated. 

Here is a Q&A with Emma, Overseas Consultant for Nannies Incorporated to talk you through the process:

How long has Nannies Incorporated been established?

Nannies Incorporated has been established since 1989 and we are very proud that 30 years later we are the trusted nanny agency in London and worldwide. Many of our clients, maternity nurses, nannies, governesses and housekeepers have been loyal to us and keep using our services over and over again. We pride ourselves on our caring relationships with candidates and clients and are always on the lookout for new experienced British and Irish candidates (or candidates with an EU passport).

Which countries do you cover?

Nannies Incorporated has offices in London, Paris & Dubai. We specialise in permanent placements in UK, Middle East including Dubai and Europe including Paris, Amsterdam, Germany and beyond.

What are the minimum requirements to register with you?

We place maternity nurses, nannies and governesses. For overseas, our clients tend to require a minimum of 3 years’ nanny experience and usually need a qualified nanny. It can also depend on what the family are looking for as well, as we can get varying requests.

Our typical maternity nurses will ideally have a minimum of 3 years newborn experience and hold a maternity nursing certificate.


What do you look for in nannies that come to register?

It is important for us to meet all nannies for a face to face interview. Aside from the usual (police check, first aid, checkable references etc.), we look for career nannies with a responsible caring attitude, a genuine interest to be around children, and the ability to provide consistent care.
Instinct is an important tool in the recruitment process and I always consider whether the candidate is someone I would feel happy to have in my home and to be responsible for my child.

We are able to make exceptions for EU passport holding nannies that are based outside of the UK - we are happy to hold an initial interview over video call.

We will soon begin regularly visiting Dublin to interview experienced Irish career nannies by appointment only.


What do your clients expect to see in a nanny?
• Relevant experience with same age children
• Knowledgeable about childcare
• Positive thinking
• Caring personality
• Commitment to stay with the family for a reasonable time
• Confidence to be able to act under pressure and emergencies


How can nannies improve their chances of getting a job through you?

• By sending a reasonably well written CV with all relevant diplomas/references
• Being objective about what they can expect depending on their experience
• Experience – with checkable references
• Flexibility – putting needs of clients first
• Availability – free time for interviews
• Reliability – turning up to interviews on time


What post-placement support do you provide?

We always stay in touch with both candidates and clients. It is important to make sure that the nanny is settling into the family and surroundings. We advise on “teething problems”, we never ask a nanny to stay in a position if she is not happy.

Nannies Incorporated has been established for 30 years and it is likely that we will have candidates already happily placed in the cities that we can put you in touch with.

Remember we are always a phone call away if needed.


What’s your top tip for nannies looking for work abroad?

• Before registering with any agency, ask yourself what type of family you really want to work for, which area/country. Don’t change your mind in the middle of the search.
• Have your CV, references, photo, and documents neatly ready before you start contacting the agency. Be explicit about what you have done, ages of children, reasons for leaving. Talk about problems you may have had. It is better not to be shy and to deal with the matter head on, with the support of the agency.
• Be confident about yourself, but be realistic as well.
• A good agency will help you find the appropriate position at the time of your career.
• Visit our blog for further interview tips.


How to apply:

If you are open to embracing a new country and culture then be brave and get in touch for us to help choose a family and location that is right for you and your experience!


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