Life as a Mum in Dubai | Festivities in Dubai

Tuesday, 22.09.2015 at 12:07PM

The festivities are dawning upon us, and the Christmas shopping spree will begin any day. Secret Santas are being allocated as these words are being written. If you are an expat or nanny in Dubai, you will not feel too homesick as December becomes a fewer flips away on your calendar. Dubai is a place where you will find it all: the shopping outlets, the deals, the ideas, and the people. But wait a minute. When I wrote festivities in the beginning of this paragraph, my mind was actually thinking of a very immediate occasion: the ‘Day of Sacrifice’ or ‘Eid al Adha’ as commonly known in Arabic.

If you are an expat in Dubai, why not take the opportunity to learn about a cultural event that is very important to the people of the UAE (and Arab and Muslim countries for that matter)?

Nowadays, the process of sacrificing to feed the poor has become regulated. There are many foundations and other mediums in the country where people can donate money, and are assured that it will go to those who need it most.

Eid is also a time of exuberance. Tourists from neighboring countries choose to come to Dubai to enjoy the excellent hotels and resorts (some of the best in the world), the abundance of shopping malls, and the many attractions suitable for all ages. There is also the added bonus that Eid falls on a Thursday, making Friday brunches a chance for the chefs at five-star hotels to display their talents and draw inspiration from the occasion.

For your little ones, we suggest ‘Caboodle Pamper and Play’ on the 22nd and 23rd of September from 4PM to 9PM at the Dubai Mall. While you might enjoy shopping and dining in one of the world’s most famous shopping places, your kids can enjoy getting to learn about their host’s Arabian culture. Some Eid-related activities include Dallah (coffee pot in Arabic) decorating and Henna face painting.

If you’re in an adventurous mood, and do not mind the noisy crowds, you might want to have your little one ponder their future career at Kidzania, also at the Dubai Mall.

Finally, no festive occasion is complete without a picnic, and for that, check out Vida Downtown Dubai family picnic where you can spend the day by the pool and enjoy a delicious buffet. Prices are less than what brunch usually costs, and kids younger than six years old have free entry.

So get ready for Christmas by embracing your host country’s own festive event. At least it’s good practice :)