Families with a very busy lifestyle often tell us that rota nannies can become invaluable members of their household. They are able to provide 24hour cover, essential when a child is sick or there are some unforeseen family circumstances. They often find if they are up all night and stressed, the nannies can provide seamless support that will not interrupt the childrens’ routine.

A rota nanny provides 24/7 care and works on alternate number of weeks with one other nanny. For example, nanny 1 will work for 2 weeks and then the 2nd nanny will work the next two weeks, and so on. A rota nanny may even do 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off. 

This arrangement is highly advantageous to both the family and the nanny. 


Many of our V.I.P. and returning clients like hiring rota nannies to provide continuous care for their children, in effect providing proxy parenting. These clients often both have highly demanding jobs where a significant amount of travelling is involved yet want seamless childcare in place, and peace of mind. Families tell us they need rota nannies as they provide total support and unlimited flexibility that a regular nanny just cannot provide on a consistent basis.  Also, generally this arrangement will afford the family much more stability as rota nannies will often stay in their positions for longer and it is less disruptive for the children than employing a nanny and a night nurse. 

Many nannies would prefer working longer hours and then to have a period of time off, to pursue other interests and to relax and recover. 

Salaries are also often much more attractive, starting at £4000 per month and upwards. Rota positions are often bespoke to the client, and salaries will depend on a number of factors. The nanny being available to travel with the family, location, languages required and number of children in the family, to name but a few. 

Nannies Incorporated has been successfully placing rota nannies worldwide for more than 30 years and has many delighted clients. If you feel a rota nanny can be of help to your family, please contact one of our experienced consultants at the agency. 

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