A Guide To Eating Out In Paris With Your Children

Friday, 15.05.2015 at 03:53PM

As I was researching child friendly restaurants in Paris, the first article that popped up was about Parisian restaurants dislike for dining with small children! The article was in the Telegraph called: "Paris with Children: A City that is Terrible for Les Enfants."

The author’s main complaint was that they couldn't find anywhere to eat with their 16-month old in Paris. She seemed completely stumped that most restaurants in Paris don’t have baby chairs.

“We trail around a number of bistros, where I ask "Vous avez une chaise bébé?" and get a "Non!" six times in a row. No baby chairs anywhere? The waiters' reactions range from blank and irritated, to stunned derision, as though I'd asked for a horse's chair. We quickly become very good friends with Monoprix, which I take by its ubiquity to be the French version of Tesco.”

She goes on to end the article by writing:

“I'm not saying toddlers should be welcome everywhere – God knows, we all need a break from them. But being welcome nowhere came as quite a shock… If you go to Paris with small ones, be ready to eat a lot of baguettes on park benches.”

I asked Amy, a professional English speaking nanny in Paris, if this was truly the case. The answer was “non!”.

Amy said that she often takes her children aged 18 months and 3 years old to cafes and restaurants in Paris and has had no problems. “Sure, we’ve gotten eyed up when entering a restaurant with a stroller. But we are almost always accommodated willingly - and even sometimes with a kind word to our little ones.”

Here’s a list of some of the child friendly restaurants in Paris that Amy recommended that can visit with our little ones...


Bon Point :  M° Odéon

In this shop in the 6th arrondissement, which offers room after room of exquisite children’s clothing, you’ll find a restaurant boasting a terrace opening onto a French garden and a basement with exposed beams. The environment is beautiful and the food is fantastic with Italian influences.  It’s said around town that Michelle Obama brought her children to the Bonpoint tea room during a visit to Paris in June 2009. 

Le Cafézoïde : M° Laumière

Children love this place! Kids have access to a full range of activities (music, art, etc.). It's a full-on PLAY space. Things are going on all day long and you feel like you've joined a giant family as soon as you walk in the door. The Cafézoïde offers a lunchtime family meal, which is very reasonably priced. But I confess that you come here more to play and share special moments rather than spend time eating.

Les 400 Coups : M° Jourdain

In the 19th arrondissement you can find this restaurant which has been adapted to be the first parent-child restaurant in France. A favourite of Trevor McClintock, Les 400 Coups suits the needs of children and babies but also to the comfort of the parents. They offer activities for 3 to 8 year olds, a reading and games corner and nursery equipment, but also a relaxation corner, magazines and newspapers and free Wi-Fi for adults.

La Casa Luca : M° George V

Casa Luca is a classy Italian restaurant close to the Champs Elysées, which invites children to the workshop els petites Chefs time for a Saturday brunch. This restaurant welcomes children by letting them create their own pizzas and other dishes. The food comes highly recommends for adults too J. A good way to combine great taste and relaxing family time.

The Hard Rock Café : M° Richelieu Drouot

Every Sunday, the Hard Rock Café offers kids’ entertainment during the meal to entertain them so you can have a good time as a family. A Magician, face painting, balloon sculptures and origami will be waiting for you!

Written by Sophie on behalf of Nannies Incorporated Paris


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