Looking for a nanny in Islington?

If you live in Islington, Nannies Incorporated can help you find exactly the right full-time Islington nanny to look after your children in your own home.

As a London-Islington nanny agency with 27 years of expertise, we are trusted by clients to provide the best maternity nurses, nannies and governesses in Islington and throughout London. We’ll find you a caring, experienced and dependable nanny - Islington or elsewhere - to suit you and your family, on either a live-in or daily (live-out) basis.


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Looking for a maternity nurse?

Nannies Incorporated can also find you a helpful maternity nurse in Islington or anywhere in the UK. 

Also known as a baby nurse, a maternity nurse comes to your home shortly after you have had your baby. Helping you to become confident in your role as a new parent – and to catch up on your sleep! – they can stay anything from a few weeks to a few months. They work on a 24-hour basis for 5 or 6 days a week, and can give you expert advice on feeding, getting your baby into a routine and all aspects of newborn baby care.

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